Arturo Bañuelos

Arturo Bañuelos is a DJ and electronic music producer born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Arturo started his musical journey since he was 17 years old, as the lead guitar and vocalist of the rock band 2 Years. Since then, Arturo followed his musical path as song-writer and producer, not only in the Rock world but also in the electronic music. Since 2010, Arturo started his DJ career joining efforts as part of the DJ-duo The Milky Brothers. During 2011, Arturo lived in Vancouver, Canada, where he was an active resident of the “Plus Fridays” parties, hosted by You Plus One, which is Arturo´s current label. Arturo has had the opportunity to share stage with world-class acts like Siavash Ashrafinia (Canada), Gabe (Brazil) and Miss Nine (Germany).


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