Chris Udoh

If the love of music could be measured by ones constant persistence, then Chris Udoh is a true testament to this persistence. Chris has been a DJ in one form or another for over 20 years. Chris met Chris Clark a.k.a. Deep C in a record store and the two quickly became friends. Each of them, along with producer Chris Brann, went on to form the Wamdue Kids. The trio had numerous club hits on such notable labels as Acacia, Studio K7!, Sounds, Guidance and of course, Strictly Rhythm. In 2000 came the formation of Tigerhook Corp., a Wu-Tang type collection of like-minded DJs and producers that really boggles the mind. Spearheaded by the highly energetic Randal Jones, this crew of nine has releases on prestigious labels including The End, Oblong, Siesta LTR, Shaboom, Hooj Choons and even Bedrock. Chris Udoh has traveled the globe extensively. Most notably, he held a two-year residency at Fabric Nightclub in London from 2000 to 2002, playing at the club over a dozen times. Chris has never followed trends instead has always been at the for front of creating them but all the while staying true to his roots & sound.


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