A Washington, DC native, Christauff grew up surrounded by family musicians, including his pianist mother, taking up flute at age 7, followed by the saxophones, and various other woodwinds at a young age. By high school, he'd discovered Orbital and 808 State, alongside The Movement, Josh Wink and Paul van Dyk, while still playing in jazz bands and orchestras. After going to his first rave in 1992, he knew dance music would always be a part of his life. Moving to England in the mid-nineties, allowed him exposure to DJ and club culture as well as new sounds with heavy influences by LTJ Bukem, Carl Cox, Underworld, Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, Sven Vath and Eye-Q Records, and of course, Sasha and Digweed.


When he moved back, he started mixing on his home computer before finally buying turntables in 2002. After a stint playing hard trance and progressive, he scored his first weekly residency at gay nightclub called De Lounge, kicking off his house music education journey. Shortly after that residency started, he was offered what would become a 7-year weekly residency in Baltimore, MD at XS where three hour sets of deeper, trippier, techier, house sounds were the expected norm. Lugging the vinyl to those sets was a way to build a stronger back.


Both residencies taught him different things. At De Lounge, he learned that his musical taste needed drive the dance floor and that not everyone shared his taste in music; not liking just Madonna, Cher and the Village People remixes, he starting salting his sets with funky house and tech house. At XS, the nature of the 3+ hours sets drove home the point that all sets have a progression, and that they need to take you on a journey.


Christauff formed his first warehouse party promotions company in 2005, Crichango Productions, with three friends from De Lounge. In 2006 he formed the influential DC DJ-collective and promotion company District Ignition with six other area DJs: 2rip, Ciconte, Dainbramage, LJ MTX, ramz and Steve Bugbee. With District Ignition he began playing progressive electro house at three parties a week in DC's biggest underground dance venues, opening for many well-respected DJs over the next few years including Paul van Dyk, BT, Chris Lake, Seb Fontaine, Menno de Jong, Jerome Isma-Ae, Uberzone, Charles Feelgood, Edgar V, Steve Duda (BSOD), Deepchild and many others.


Fast-forward to now, and Christauff is well-known in the mid-Atlantic states for his deep tech electro sets that push the bleeding edge of the latest underground house music. Christauff believes every party and each and every set should be a spine-tingling journey towards something more uplifting and deeper and trippier. His debut radio show on, dubbed looks to spread his signature sound to an even wider audience.


He hopes you dig it.