DJ MFR (Marco From Rome) started DJ'ing in his home city of Rome, Italy. He embraced his native city’s love for world music and infused soul and funk into his early DJ sets. A love for soulful, deep house sounds brought MFR to San Francisco in the mid-90's where he soon founded his own label, Transport Recordings, with partners Miguel Migs and Bruno Ybarra (later of Naked Music). Now a well-established indie dance label with excellent underground house music, Transport has garnered a large and loyal following with a roster that has showcased such heavyweights as DJ Rasoul, Vincent Kwok, Arnold Jarvis, Julius Papp, and Migs and MFR themselves. 


In 1997, MFR released his debut album Rome Departure which received massive support from critics, DJs, and music fans, even earning notice as iDJ Magazine’s “Album Of The Year.” He followed this with the mixed CD Afterdark: San Francisco, winning him recognition in Billboard’s electronic charts. His label Transport Recordings is also the home of the popular musical act New Mondo, a collaboration of MFR and Vincent Kwok which released the celebrated album Total Control in 2009. In addition, MFR has released a steady flow of well-regarded singles, including the recent "Eternal," and an established, multi-part mix CD series under the West Coast Excursion banner. As a DJ, MFR can be seen and heard spinning at some of the biggest clubs in San Francisco and around the globe.


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