Kash, in a few words, is like no other. Born and raised in Dubai, Kash first discovered his profound love for electronic music after moving to Montreal, Canada. After leaving Montreal in 2008 for Vancouver, his hidden talent of transforming horizons with sound was fully discovered. Kash’s live sets and mixes include dark, grooving sounds that will not only keep you moving, but will vibe you into another comfort zone, eyes closed.


In 2011, Kash founded AstroChimp Music, under which he has released numerous tracks and mixes. Appreciated and respected by veteran DJ’s and those who possess an ear for true underground electronic music, Kash has become a force to be reckoned with - producing unforgettable sets full of charismatic mischief behind the booth, and notorious for deep techno and minimal sounds. Kash creates an energy in every venue that few can parallel. His sound transcends the borders of continents and the mind.








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