Major Tom

Major Tom, honing his craft for over 15 years and originally brought up in the underground Toronto house scene, has made Vancouver his home. Major Tom, originally flying under the Tommyboy handle, has played along talented artists such as Terrence Parker, Fred Everything, Nick Holder, Boo Williams, Mikael Stavostrand and many more. Some of his earlier musical influences have been The Stone Roses, Ron Trent, Salt City Orchestra, Fred Everything, Glen Underground, Alex Gopher, Roy Davis Jr, Theo Parish, Moodymann, and of course many many soul classics.


Upon moving to Vancouver in 2002, he was welcomed to the Vancouver scene by Johannes Gerhard, Bryce McKamey (now owner of Sea Sound Lounge in Seattle), and Darren Woodhead of the sauna crew. Spending many sweaty sundays providing the deep rhythms required by the sauna crew, djing at numerous warehouse parties, and then eventually moving onto his own ambitions.


In 2008 Marc Gerrard and his partner Major Tom joined forces to form DE Kollektiv. This was a precurser to the deradio we all know and love today. Once the Major had completed building the deradio platform ("Internet Radio 2.0") the die was set. Many warehouse parties, renegade transmissions, and sweaty nights later, the deradio platform was born. However, as much as these two "heads of state" were the driving force behind the kollektiv, no one could have envisioned the heights deradio would sour to without the hours of effort of the friends of DE. 


These days, the Major is working on developing deradio 2.0, spending his leisure time on the keys, and of course always and forever curating.


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