Mark Drifter

Mark Drifter from Bristol UK is the production behind 201 Soundsystem. Embracing many styles and genres with deep electronica and a dubbed out Bristol sound the first 201 Soundsystem album was well received by listeners and critics. Broken Days features the vocalist Ladyraz, guitarist Guy Calhoun and percussionist Rich Davis alongside Pianist Hannah Porter and bassist Dorian Sutton. This album started off as experimentation and went on to create the unique sound of  201 Soundsystem. The tracks Roads, Solitude and Change followed Broken Days as more people were introduced to the 201 sound.


Mark Drifter has been involved in many remix projects over the past two years and features on releases by Good Natured Threat, Nikea Bustla, The Rules, Mark Day, Attabey, Markus Masuhr and Nick Toots. During this period more musicians became involved in the 201 project and vocalist Coral Shankland began writing the Flying High EP with Producer Mark Drifter and Mark Day. This EP really encapsulates the journey of the musicians involved. Fusing together deep electronic sounds, haunting vocals and broken beats with low sub sounds.        


201 Soundsystem producer Mark Drifter hosts the Inner Sound on DE Radio. This airs every fourth Sunday of the month featuring guests and dub plates bringing a dubbed out sound, broken beats, ambient soundscapes and deep dubstep…