Mark Hjorthoy

A musician / producer / remixer / DJ / blahblah, from beautiful Vancouver, B.C. My biggest musical influence came from sitting under the piano while my grandmother played, (she was the pianist in variety shows during World War 2 in England), and I could feel the notes passing through me as she gracefully recreated the set list. Sound and music became my life from these moments.


I have been around a while, played in some bands, made a few records, stopped doing it for a while, and came back to it. Now I make music with my beautiful wife Lara, and good friend “levvel” in Good Natured Threat, as well as on my own, (SoftClip / alaughingcircuit). I can be found on a few labels around the world. Some of them are netlabels, and some are indies, some are already released, some will be released soon. They all have my support, and are like family to me.


Years of being addicted to sound has led me here. My sets reflect everything I’ve heard, and everything I’ve learned, so expect a wide variety of awesome from many years of musical abuse. But enough of me talking about me, what do you think of me? (*insert laugh track here*).


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