My name is Matthew1626 and I am based out of Vancouver, BC – CANADA


Matt says – 'I believe we are all Family! Black, Brown, White, Green, Blue, Red and all colours! It is not for us to judge, but love each other and elevate each other. Unity.' Currently I am working with several crews on various events ranging from ‘after hours’ to ‘private parties’ to ‘Gospel Sunday sessions’ with Gospel House. I am producing tracks and growing daily as an artist. I am passionate about electronic music and the impact it has on people and have been inspired and influenced by Sasha, Digweed, Tom Cloud, DJ Erick Hassan, DJ Craig Mullin, DJ Jesse Hills, DJ AMtrak, DJ Michael, DJ Evonne and ROOTBanger, Jeff Brown, Chris Berry and Jeff Wong, T. Orlando, Lori J. Ward, Joel Armstrong, Ben Colmen and SKLA to name a few… I am focused on ELEvating, EMPowering and INSpiring people through the music I play and using music to elevate! My equipment consists of = Allen and Heath Zone 62 mixer, 2 CDJ’s, 2 Technique 1200’s, Traktor Scratch / MacBook Pro, NI Maschine = Favorite producers now are = Sebastien Leger, Roger Sanchez, Alex Kenji, Halo / Hipp-E, Sasha, Joel Armstrong, SKLA, Ben Colmen, T. Orlando, Lori J. Ward and Kevin Yost to name a few... And a special mention to my Engineer and Co-Producer Jamie Kuse and Co-Producer, Jeff Brown.


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