Nicholas Girard

Nick’s exposure to electronic music came later in his life with the discovery of the Vancouver underground scene. After a swan dive into dance music starting on NYE 2003 he swam in as many pools as one could take including Burning Man,Soundwave Music festival and all the dark, noisy parties and clubs he could find. As with most Dj’s he went from a spectator to participant in a short time.


After a dehydrating trip to the desert he sat himself down to learn the art of Dj-ing. With his background as a drummer in the 90’s he fell into step quickly.Focusing on the sounds that made him move on the dance floor he focused on deep house. Getting his bearings and confidence in the community Nick started playing wherever and whenever he could.After a few short years Breaks became Nick’s poison of passion and he started playing clubs and larger parties. Staying with the sound that reminded him of his band days in the 90’s he lived in the Breaks scene for roughly four years.


Being the black sheep in his immediate group of friends he decided it was time to return to the straight up 4/4’s. Re-exploring most of the genres he has always gravitated to the deep,melodic sound of things. Nick took some time off to focus on his career as a film technician and now tries to balance his life between the two.


Having just made the permanent move to London Nick is planning on making his small mark in the European music scene. His duality as a breaks dj and as a house lover will no doubt keep him busy. 


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