Robin Banks

A high school vinyl collecting habit led to early music experimentation in many different forms. The early 2000's witnessed Robin Banks experimenting as a DJ with punk, rock, electro and various other crossover sounds.

Fast forward to 2004: picture an infamous after hours meeting with the elusive m_muffler, a conversation about lab grown human skin as fashion accessories and eventually an introduction to DJ Snailrider... This was the foundation of the now legendary WANTED! crew.

Securing their first club night at Lotus Sound Lounge as "Hell In A Handbag", the crew focused on techno and electro. From HRDVSION to Solvent, Ectomorph and Lowfish, the shows progressed with the help of mad genius Aspect Unknown, to form the WANTED! night... and the sound.

Working with artists from Europe and North America, the WANTED! crew pushed sounds from and shared stages with Detroit Grand Pubas, Sammy Dee, Knifehandchop, Alexander Robotnik, Konrad Black, Bruno Pronsato, Adam Marshall, Ghislain Poirier, Noah Pred, Pan/Tone, Safety Scissors, PJ Pooterhoots, Smash TV, Primes, Tomas Jirku and many other seminal electronic pioneers that have shaped the new face of Vancouver underground dance music.

With a new show on DE (Vanishing Point) featuring Snailrider, as well as a fist full of underground club bookings, Robin Banks continues to fly the WANTED! banner and steadily represents the darker and untold side of techno and minimal music in his community.