Simon Kirk

Simon grew up listening to his parents vinyl collection, Pink Floyds Dark side of the moon definately shaped my taste recalls Simon, it steered me away from mainstream and pretty much everything my friends liked, then acid house arrived and it wasnt long before Simon was hooking up old belt drive turnatbles and his parents tape machines to explore Djing ideas.

Since those early days Simon has worked constantly on his particular sound, its an emotionally driven sound says Simon - I shy away from being defined by genre, its all about a journey and how you shape and move through moods and styles, thats the exciting thing about mixing and new music.

Simon is currently involved in a wide range of mix based projects, production is on hold for the moment, its been quite a few years since I worked in the studio with releases under the Mindseye monkier, but I will return to it when time allows.

In the meantime if you catch any of my mixes I hope you enjoy.


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