The Sleeper

The Sleeper was born in Belgrade. His first intense contact with music began when he, at six years, received a walkman as a gift. He was so consumed by hearing music loudly that he would not part from it for days. One of these sÈances ended with him loosing hearing for few days, but luckily, that was just a temporary glitch; as he went on to start creating music for his joy, and the joy of many around him.


The Sleeper is one of the founders and group members of Dirty Cover organisation. In year 2000 he started DJing, and his interest and creativity further naturally and spontaneously grew and led him to start with music production. Both his music as a producer and a DJ are guided by his philosophy of music. Flow of the soft sound intertwined with clarity of rhythm, which rushes your body to dance (That is a fact!).


He plays in great number of clubs and festivals throughout ex Yugoslavian countries (e.g. Exit festival), and has built a respectable and well-known name at ex-Yu club scene. The attraction to the music he produces and performs lies in the flawlessness of his mixing and an unusual record collection.


You can find releases of The Sleeper on the following labels: Evasive, Shinocs Music, Blue Orb Records, Shaker Plates, R¸ttelplatten, Silent Breeze, Maintain Replay, Forward Education, Is This, LethalScript, Acilectro, Circles Digital, ViTva, DCSTrax, Manuscript, BaseLegere, Toto, Percent, BigMama, Kotangens, Audiometric, AudioBite, 2600, BMSlim, Proloop, Muenchen, Baccara, Wasabi, oppelganger, Tantrum Logo, City Life, Dance All Ways, Crack House, Minli Music, Tenor Recordins, Funky Town, Funkyroom...and many more to come! Watch this space!

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