Deepen Sound

deep·en - To make or become deep, deeper, or more instense.


That’s what Vancouver music producer Vernon Douglas has committed to do with the relaunch of house music record label Deepen Sound: Produce music that is fun to dance to, and also engages you on a subconscious level that draws you in, makes you smile, gives you goosebumps, and stimulates a Pavlovian response to jack your body.


Deepen Sound originally began as Deepen Discs in 2001.  At that time, the purpose of the  record label was to showcase the works of local Vancouver DJ’s and music producers that played at Vernon’s long running club night, Deepen.  Artists on the Deepen Discs label included popular acts such as Tyler Stadius, Jay Tripwire, DJ Ali, Elan Benaroch, Tyler Lewis, as well as remixes by British tech house DJ Terry Francis and Vancouver’s Ben Nevile, all of whom performed at the legendary club night.


Deepen which was held every Saturday night in the dark and dungy confines of the basement style Lotus Sound Lounge in Vancouver, hosted a variety of deep house, tech house, techno DJ’s and Live PA performances from the UK and throughout North America, in addition to its regular high profile Vancouver acts.


Inspired by a visit Vernon made to Shelter nightclub in NYC in 1992, Deepen brought out groups of people from all walks of life, that came together and were united through house music and dancing.  There were no societal barriers to joining this weekly dance party, where thousands of people gathered over the years with the common purpose of partying to a higher caliber of electronic dance music, typically unheard throughout the rest of the city.


After a brief hiatus from the dance music industry, and with the encouragement of his good friend Jay Tripwire, the duo have re-launched record label Deepen Sound, as an avenue to produce and distribute electronic dance music that grips the souls of its listeners, drawing them in, and evoking emotion.  There are no frills, no gimmicks, just layer upon layer of texture, emotion and soul in the music produced by  the high-profile Deepen Sound contributing artists and remixers.


Good electronic music, should not only make you dance, it should also stimulate the senses.  Deepen Sound is committed to producing high quality electronic dance music, that not only will people connect with today, but music that will stand the true test of time.