Welcome to Faciendo. We are a tribe of “musical shamans” and “mix scientists”, working together to inspire, educate and spread love through the air waves. Our group’s primary focus is to create soundtracks to events and mix cds/podcasts, crossing many genres of electronic music, but each with the same goal: to represent the true “art” of a DJ mix.


Faciendo Radio, our bi-weekly show, serves as a platform to showcase our mixing ethos with the latest sounds around the world, and also give you a glance into the past from our musical history of timeless gems and forgotten classics. The format of the show may alternate each episode: from the club-oriented, where you’ll hear the house and techno you may already know some of us for, to the more eclectic, airing the freshest in downtempo, disco, dubstep, drum n bass and whatever else that moves you.


The Faciendo Tribe consists of a group of resident DJs who are all international touring artists, some very well known and who have been involved in the EDM scene since its start in the late 1980s. Alongside the residents, we also represent and are supported by the Contributor DJs.. these are a group of new wave DJs and music lovers from all over the world, that regularly work with Faciendo to produce art together. Both the residents and contributors all work together as a single unit, and represent the Faciendo “Tribe”.


For full info on the tribe, the radio show or booking a Faciendo event or one of its resident DJs….check out www.faciendo.com